Ship Security Officer

Course Title

Ship Security Officer

Course duration and timing

24 hours, divided in 3 days

Learning outcomes

Receive a full and comprehensive training on all issues related to the ISPS Code,Part A and B, in particular regarding ships. Acquire the necessary and adequate knowledge to perform regular security inspections on ships in complete autonomy and, on the basis of its findings, enforce and manage the “Ship Security Plan”.

Obtain the professional qualification in compliance with the training requirements for the Ship Security Officer as required by the ISPS Code (Part A and B) and the PNSM.


During the three days of work will be illustrated, with theoretical presentations and practical exercises, the main topics listed below:

  • main international regulations
  • ISPS Code
  • interface between ship and port
  • roles and responsibilities
  • documentation to be produced
  • risk analysis
  • analysis of equipment in common use for the prevention of threats
  • security procedures to be adopted according to specific threats
  • methodology to develop a “Ship Security Assessment”:

-         analysis of the possible threats to the key shipboard operations

-         evaluation of the consequences

-         possible countermeasures to minimize the vulnerabilities of the ship

  • illustration of some examples of Ship Security Plans in order to give the students bases to be able to develop or improve in practice this document
  • description of the methods to manage emergencies, conducting researches, audit and inspection of the vessel to ensure compliance with the requirements of the ISPS Code and then be ready for certification by the Designated Authority
  • final examination

Target Group for the Course

Masters and Captains who intend to enter deeply into the security issues; Officers and Seafarers candidates for the role of Ship Security Officer; All those who wish to develop autonomously the procedures associated to the assembly of the security system of ships , enforcing and managing the “Ship Security Plan” .

Rules and standards

STCW – ISPS Code – PNSM – National and international law of reference  – IMO Model Course 3.19 – MIT and MARICOGECAP circulars (see RGQ archive) Resolution MSC.203(81) (adopted on 18 May 2006) – Resolution MSC.209(81) (adopted on 18 May 2006) – STCW.6/Circ.9 22 May 2006

Maximum number of participants


Course pre-requisites

At least 12 months on ships subject to the ISPS Code.

In order to be eligible for examination to obtain the certificate of the Maritime Authority  in compliance with Regulation VI / 5 of the International Convention STCW 78/95, the candidate has to produce a valid documentation (seaman’s book and two-years medical examination certificate) indicating that he has completed a period of at least 12 months on board ships subject to the ISPS Code.

Course site

Tema Safety & Training S.R.L. Training Centre

Via della Transumanza n. 5/C – 74123 Contrada Carmine (Taranto) – ITALY

Tel. +39.0994725898 Fax +39.0994725690 web: mail:

Classrooms n. 1,2,3,4,5 on the first floor at the Training Center

Course director

Caterina LA NEVE

Course Deputy Director

Ing. Davide Giuseppe FARILLA

The training materials to support the teaching, audiovisual equipment and reference books are in compliance with the requirements provided for by rules and guidelines of reference.

Teaching staff

Com. te PETRERA Rocco – Com. te LA FORGIA Saverio – Com. te CORMIO Carlo

Competent coordinating personnel:

Sig.ra LA NEVE Caterina – Sig. ANDRENUCCI Romualdo

Board of examiners

Local Board of Examiners nominated by the Designated Authority  and composed of experts on Maritime Security.

Certificate issued

At the end of the training course, student will receive a certificate according to the requirements of the ISPS Code (Part A and B) and PNSM for the SSO role, if he will pass  the examination in the presence of an officer of the Maritime Authority.