Breathing Airways Protection

protezione vie respiratorie

Course Title

Breathing Airways Protection

Course duration and timing

8 hrs

Learning outcomes

Acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge required by law for the protection of health and safety in the workplace with particular reference to breathing airways protection equipment (PPE 3rdcategory).



- Air composition;

- Possible threats to breathing

- Facial devices for respiratory protection

- Filters

- Fresh air breathing and self breathing

- Mask /half  mask inspection,, filter assembly and mask / half mask cleaning

- Personal protective equipments in case of emergency

- Hazards entering into enclosed spaces

- Gaseous pollutants emitted into the atmosphere


- Training on use of breathing airways protection (dressing, tight fitting test and how to use)

Target Group for the Course

All workers who perform tasks related to fire prevention, fire fighting or emergency management.

All workers exposed to particular risks of fire related to the workplace, for example such as those involved the use of combustible materials or equipment for welding and cutting with flame.

Rules and standards

Legislative Decree81/2008

Technical specifications ECU S.p.A. (ENI CORPORATE UNIVERSITY S.p.A.)

Course site

Tema Safety & Training S.R.L. Training Centre
Via della Transumanza n. 5/C – 74123 Contrada Carmine (Taranto) – ITALY
Telefono: (+39) 0994725898
Fax: (+39) 0994725690

Services included

  • Teaching material for tests and practicals
  • Lunch
  • Insurance coverage
  • Shuttle service to / from Taranto railway station / TST