Live Fire

fire liveCourse Title

Live Fire

Course duration and timing

6 hrs


Certificate of attendante issued by TST

Learning outcomes

  • The course is aimed to teach the main techniques for fire-fighting simulating real conditions of fire on board
  • The course is aimed to learning practical techniques of firefighting, use of fire extinguishers, materials and equipment for firefighting.
  • The crew is trained to deal with fires both in open spaces, and in closed rooms, both individually and in teams.
  • The tests will be evaluated and selected on the basis of the requirements of the Safety Officer of the Company.


Every seafarer shall perform the following hands-on training and prove that they have the ability to:

  • Use various types of portable fire extinguishers
  • use self-contained breathing
  • extinguish small fires (for example, an electrical fire, fire from liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons)
  • extinguish large fires with the use of water in allits forms
  • extinguish fires with foam, dry chemical and any other appropriate
  • enter and pass through security cable, but with out breathing apparatus, a place in which it was placed high expansion foam
  • extinguishing fires in enclosed spaces, full of smoke, wearing self contained breathing
  • putting out fires with water spray or any other agent in a suitable local accommodation or in an engine room, simulated, flooded with smoke and fire
  • extinguish hydrocarbon fires with rain and spray nozzles with a spread of dry chemical powder or foam
  • run a rescue in a smoke-filled space wearing self contained breathing

Every seafarer must be educated to the need to maintain the material and fire-fighting equipment.

The exercises will simulate real conditions of a fire on board and, where possible, should be carried out in the dark.

Target Group for the Course

- Flight personnel of foreign nationality or Italian involved in the management of emergencies

- Staff who work on offshore platforms.

Rules and standards

Standards and guidelines of national and international

Maximum number of participants

Min 10 – Max 22

Course pre-requisites

Certificate of good health

Course site

Tema Safety & Training S.R.L. Training Centre
Via della Transumanza n. 5/C – 74123 Contrada Carmine (Taranto) – ITALY
Telefono: (+39) 0994725898
Fax: (+39) 0994725690

Services included

  • Teaching material for tests and practicals
  • Lunch
  • Insurance coverage
  • Shuttle service to / from Taranto railway station / TST