Familiarization with safety techniques for liquefied gases, chemicals and oil tankers

Course name
Familiarizzazione alle tecniche di sicurezza per navi cisterna

Familiarization with safety techniques for liquefied gases, chemicals and oil tankers

Course duration and timing

35 hours, divided in 5 days

Learning outcomes

Satisfy compulsory minimum requirements for seafarers basic training in compliance with STCW ’95 Code, A-VI/1 section,(and subsequent amendments), related to the basic safety training on the personal survival techniques, the Ministerial Decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of August 7th, 2001, and relative notes and the Legislative Decree, n.136 of July 7th, 2011 – Implementation of 2008/106/EC Directive on the minimum level of training for seafarers.

Target group for the course

Seafarers having a valid inscription at the Italian SEAFARERS’ OFFICES and seamen from foreign countries.

Seafarers shall receive basic safety training and education in compliance with the provisions of STCW’95 Code, A-VI / 1 section  ( VI / I Regulation of the Legislative Decree July 7th, 2011) .

This familiarization course on safety techniques for tankers is compulsory for deck and engine seafarers in charge of specific activities and responsibilities related to management of cargo and cargo plants on board.

All deck and engine seafarers are exempted from attending the familiarization course if they have been on board for at least three consecutive months during the last navigation year on the above mentioned ships, resulting from the seaman’s book.

The frequency of the course may be replaced by a suitable traineeship lasting not less than one month carried on board of liquefied gases, chemicals and oil tankers of not less than three thousand tons at the following conditions, during the training period:

Duration of each ship voyage must not exceed seventy-two hours;

An adequate number of voyages not less than 4 or 5 ports of call in a month;

Loading and unloading operation carried out,

to ensure the same level of knowledge and experience required by the course.

The training on board must be made by an Officer responsible for cargo operations that has to report all information in a logbook.

If already in possession of a familiarization certificate issued for any type of ship, in compliance with  STCW’78 and the requirements set out in paragraph 2) of Art. 2 of the Ministerial Decree of August 7th, 2001, seafarers are exempt from the attendance of the familiarization on safety techniques for tankers used for the carriage of liquefied gases, chemicals and oils.

Rules and standards

STCW ’95 Code (and subsequent amendments) – Directorial Decree of August 7th, 2001 – Legislative Decree of July 7th,2011– National and international rules and guidelines – MIT and “MARICOGECAP” Circular

Course prerequisites

According to paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of the Ministerial Decree of Agust 7th, 2001, all deck and engine seafarers must be in possession of the fire-fighting course certificate.

Course Director

Caterina LA NEVE

Course Deputy Director

Ing. Davide Giuseppe FARILLA

Training material

The training materials to support the teaching, audiovisual equipment and reference books are in accordance with the requirements provided for by rules and guidelines of reference.

Teaching staff


RENNA Vito Grazio



Examining committee

The committee is chaired by a representative member of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport6, a member of the teaching staff, and the course Director

Certificate issued

Certificate of final examination according to the models provided by law in force

Course site

Tema Safety & Training S.R.L. Training Centre
Telefono: (+39) 0994725898
Fax: (+39) 0994725690
E-Mail: info@temasafety.com

Services included

  • Teaching material for tests and practicals
  • Lunch
  • Insurance coverage
  • Shuttle service to / from Taranto railway station / TST