Basic fire-fighting certificate for seafarers

Corso Schiume

Basic fire-fighting certificate for seafarers

Course duration and timing

30 hours ( 20 theoretical hours + 10 hours of practical drills) divided in 4 days

Learning outcomes: Meet the mandatory minimum requirements for basic training of seafarers in accordance with STCW ’95 Code Section A-VI/1-2, paragraph 2.1.2 (and later amendments), concerning the safety basic training on the personal survival techniques , the 04/04/1987 Ministerial Decree, the 17/10/2001 Directorial Decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the following notes and 7/07/2011 Legislative Decree, n. 136 Implementation of 2008/106/EC Regulation on the minimum level of training for seafarers.


The training course is aimed to theoretical/practical learning of firefighting techniques, use of fire extinguishers, materials and equipments for fire fighting.

The crew is trained to contain end extinguish fires both in open spaces and  in enclosed ones (individually and in team), to rescue or  give to injured persons.

Target Group for the Course

  • Seafarers having a valid inscription at the Italian SEAFARERS’ OFFICES and seamen from foreign countries.
  • Seafarers shall receive basic safety training and education in compliance with the provisions of STCW’95 Code, A-VI / 1 section  (Regulation VI /I of the 07/07/2011Legislative Decree).

Rules and standards

STCW ’95 Code ( and amendments )- 04/04/1987 Ministerial Decree- 17/10/2001 Directorial Decree – National and international regulations and guidelines – MIT Circular and “MARICOGECAP” .

Course pre-requisites

Certificate of good health

The maritime personnel, in addition to what it has already been specifically provided by the rules about requirements for access to the training courses, must follow them in chronological order as shown below:

1) Personal safety and social responsibilities course – PSSR;

2) personal Survival techniques course;

3) Basic fire-fighting course;

4)Advanced fire-fighting course.


Classrooms on the first floor of the Training Center or classrooms located at the training ground in Via della Transuamnza-74123 Taranto

Services included

  • Teaching material for tests and practicals
  • Lunch
  • Insurance coverage
  • Shuttle service to / from Taranto railway station / TST