Firefighting for drivers

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Course Title

firefighting for drivers

Course duration and timing

16 hrs


Attestato di partecipazione TST

Learning outcomes

Acquire the necessary knowledge required in firefighting and fire prevention specific for drivers.



-   Theory of fire, fireprevention, combustion, dangers for people and environment:

  •  Maincauses of fire
  •  Behaviors to prevent fires
  •  Extinguishing agents
  •  Measures to prevent fires
  •  Work place checking
  •  Inspection and maintenance of firefighting devices
  •  Characteristics of products transported

-   Theoretical and practicalknowledgeregarding the procedures to be taken in case of fire:

  •  Procedures to be taken discovering a fire and in case of alarm
  •  Evacuation and calling emergency services procedures
  •  Collaboration with the national firefighters in case of intervention
  •  Exemplification of various emergency situations, procedures, and methods of intervention
  •  Knowledge of the main equipment and extinguishing systems, critical examination of the experiences in the training ground


-          Extinguish fire on open tanks of 2 and 4 square meters, the unloading station of a trailer, on the tank hatch cover , on fuel pump of a sale point truck, the hatch cover of the sale point tank

- extinguish LPG leakignited

- Use extinguishing equipment and personal protective equipment

Target Group for the Course

Personnel involved driving vehicles for the carriage of dangerous goods (gasoline, diesel, LPG )

Rules and standards

D.lgs. 81/2008 e s.m.i. – D.M. 10 marzo 1998

Specifiche tecniche ECU S.p.A. (ENI CORPORATE UNIVERSITY S.p.A.)

Course site

Tema Safety & Training S.R.L. Training Centre
Via della Transumanza n. 5/C – 74123 Contrada Carmine (Taranto) – ITALY
Telefono: (+39) 0994725898
Fax: (+39) 0994725690

Services included

  • Teaching material for tests and practicals
  • Lunch
  • Insurance coverage
  • Shuttle service to / from Taranto railway station / TST