Certification on the use of Toxic Gases

abilitazione uso di gas tossiciCourse Title

Certification on the use of Toxic Gases

Course duration and timing

24 hrs

Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide a preparation in order to obtain the license for the use of toxic gases in accordance with the Italian Decree 147/1927 .



-   General Principles:

  • Toxicity
  • Dangers
  • Risks
  • Damages
  • The toxic agent:

- Chemical and physical characteristics

- Presence of foreign matter or simultaneous exposure to other toxic substances

- Biodegradability

- Exposure: Dose, ways and means of exposure, duration and frequency

  • Factors concerning population: age, sex, genetic makeup, nutritional status

-   Factors related to the environment: humidity, temperature, day, night, etc

  • Local effect
  • General or sistemi effect

-   The route of entry of toxic absorption, distribution, storage, excretion

-   The classification of dangerous substances

  • The hazard classes
  • The labeling
  • The safety sheet

General knowledge on basic physics and chemistry, containers and transport of toxic gases:

-   Change of status

-   Explanations about the gases

-   The air and its components

-   The action of the gas on the organism

-   Temperature, pressure and volume

-   Critical pressure and temperature

-   Liquefaction of a gas

-   Density and specific gravity

-   Solutions, acids and bases, pH

-   The combustion

-   The flammable range

-   The explosion range

-   Containers for gases

  • the parts composing a cylinder
  • testing and revisions
  • the punchings
  • cylinders labeling

-   Cylinders handling

-   Storage

-   The use of compressed and liquefied gases

-   The use of gas in populated places and outdoor

-   The transportation

Fire-fighting measures:

-   Fire extinguishers

-   Fire pumps

-   Protection the airways

  • Gas masks
  • Gas filters

-   Breathing apparatus

  • Open cycle type
  • Closed cycle type

Gas safety data sheets

Knowledge of first aid

Technical and legal aspects on the use of toxic gases:

-   The use of toxic gases

-   Removal of toxic gases and distraction

-   Revocation or suspension of the enablement licence

-   The Regional technical and permanent Commision for toxic gases

-   Application for the issuance and review of the license

-   Activities subject to operator’s license

Target Group for the Course

The course is aimed at businesses, where employees must obtain a certificate of fitness for the purpose of issue of the license enabling the use of toxic gases.

Rules and standards

  • R.D. 147/1927 – D.M. 9 Maggio 1927 – D.M. 6 febbraio 1935 – D.lgs. 81/2008 e s.m.i.
  • ECU S.p.A. Technical Specifications (ENI CORPORATE UNIVERSITY S.p.A.)

Course pre-requisites

Birth certificate + certificate of medical fitness signed by a military doctor or a local health officer with legalized signature + certificate of primary education + General Certificate of criminal record + valid copy of personal ID (the above mentioned documents and certificates are preliminary to the request of examination to the Local Authority responsible for the area).

Course site

Tema Safety & Training S.R.L. Training Centre
Via della Transumanza n. 5/C – 74123 Contrada Carmine (Taranto) – ITALY
Telefono: (+39) 0994725898
Fax: (+39) 0994725690
E-Mail: info@temasafety.com

Services included

  • Teaching material for tests and practicals
  • Lunch
  • Insurance coverage
  • Shuttle service to / from Taranto railway station / TST